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By Lambeth Autism Group, Aug 1 2016 04:51PM

Recently the art group and others were at The National Gallery. They all had a brilliant time learning more about Poussin and this painting in a gallery specially closed for them. They danced and looked at the shapes they made and then drew round themselves on a giant " canvas" which they finished by painting. Here is one artist at work and the finished art work

By Lambeth Autism Group, May 14 2016 05:23PM

Dear Readers

The First Thursday Book Group met on the 5th of May. It was election night and we got in the voting mood:

Reading Lolita in Tehran

We discussed “Reading Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi and after discussing freedoms in Iran and in London we voted on whether the book was a First Thursday Book Group hit, or not, in a close run poll: 4 people didn’t vote, 5 abstained, 3 voted against, if my memory serves me, and if the scribbles in my note book means anything, 6 people voted it a hit. In time honoured first-past-the-post fashion I therefore declare “Reading Lolita in Tehran” a Book Group hit.

Our June Book

We also voted on what our next book should be. Andrew our librarian had found two choices for us so Graeme Green went head to head with Philip K. Dick. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” which was made into the film “Bladerunner" was pipped to the post by 9 votes to 5 (4 people chose not to vote). So our June book is Graeme Green’s “Our Man in Havana”.

Alec Guinness played the man in Havana in the screen adaptation of this tale of intrigue, a yarn which, as Wayne pointed out last night, will get us all in the mood for casting our votes again in June’s referendum.

Houses of Parliament - Autism Friendliness

A big thank you to Thomas who gave a thorough and insightful account of his involvement in assessing how autism friendly it is for citizens to visit the Houses of Parliament. In due course Thomas’s report will be on our Book Group Facebook page.

Book Group Goes Digital

Finally don’t forget that Book Group has gone digital.

We have a new Twitter account - thanks David.

To see the site go to

If you have a Twitter account you can follow the book group on Twitter, and be sent updates when new information is added to the site.

We also have a Facebook page - thanks again David.

Go to to see the page.

To add comments to the page log on to your own Facebook account and visit the page.

Rest assured that these are closed groups. All internet users can see basic details about the group but the messages sent on the sites will be seen by group members only.

Have a great month, lets go haywire while the sun shines.

Best wishes


By Lambeth Autism Group, Mar 1 2016 08:19PM

Hello LAG members and supporters,

You may have seen reports in the press recently about the severe national shortage of inpatient beds for children and young people with mental health illness. A​n NHS England report (Shepherd, 2014) found that v​ulnerable children and young people with autism and mental health difficulties are being placed a long way from home ​and their family support networks​. This report also found c​hildren and young people are being placed in inappropriate inpatient units because appropriate mental health services are unavailable elsewhere.

In the Evening Standard today, read about Lambeth parents Isabelle and Robin Garnett and their struggle to get the right treatment and support for their teenage autistic son Matthew.

Isabelle and Robin started a petition earlier this month. This has now grown in size to over 23,000 signatures. Local MP Helen Hayes asked a question in parliament on Tuesday this week. You can view her asking her question and the reply from minister Alistair Burt here;

The NAS Community Campaigns Team are backing this campaign.

Here's a message from Isabelle;

I'm hoping that you can help my son Matthew and many, many, more young people with autism and mental health difficulties. Our local MP Helen Hayes supports our campaign and I want to share Matthew's tragic plight with Lambeth Autism Group members and supporters. We hope to gather enough signatures to persuade the government to take positive action to address the current Adolescent Mental Health Crisis.

So if you can, please add your support by signing the petition and forwarding to your contacts.

With kind regards,

Venessa Bobb

Lambeth Autism Group

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