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Book Group Meets to discuss 'The Establishment'

By Lambeth Autism Group, Jan 14 2016 07:47PM

Dear Readers

Last night we had our first book group meeting of 2016.

We discussed The Establishment: And How They Get Away With It by Owen Jones. This book split the group and in our vote and was neither a hit or a miss. While we respected the research we felt the book was big on describing problems with Britain’s governance and thin on suggesting answers.

However. Book Group is nothing if not daring and we have an answer of our own that will improve Britain’s democracy. The House of Commons working towards the National Autistic Society Access Award. (Hardly surprising as John Bercow the Speaker of the House of Commons has an autistic son and is one of the National Autistic Society ambassadors). National Autistic Society Headquarters are putting together a group of 3-4 autistic people to go on a tour of the House of Commons and say what changes would make it autism friendly. They especially want people from our book group to take part as we have earned a reputation for being politically engaged. Two people from the book group volunteered to do this last night. But there is room for another couple of volunteers. Expenses will be paid for the those who volunteer and also for your carer if you would like to take someone with you for support.

The date of the tour is likely to be in the third week of January. If you’d like to take part please reply to this email and I will pass your contact details to the organiser. It’s first come first served.

Sadly Andrew, our librarian, was unable to join us last night. This means that we do not yet know what our February book will be. As soon as I know I will send around an email and we will be able to pick up copies from the Welcome desk in Clapham library.

We will meet again on Thursday 4th February.

See you then.

Best wishes


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