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Parents/Carers & Autistic Adults


You don't have to be a member of the National Autistic Society to join our local branch. You do need to be resident in Lambeth or close by, or be an autism or other professional working in Lambeth. The reason we restrict membership is simply because we are a local group and our email system has limited capacity.



If you would like to be added to our emailing list to receive local information just email us at [email protected].


Please tell us whether you are a parent or carer, an autistic adult or a professional. That is so we can put you in the right emailing list.


If you are a member of the National Autistic Society, please nominate us as your local branch - we will get part of your membership fee, so you will directly contribute to our branch and people in our area.


To become a member of the NAS or nominate us, please call the NAS Supporter Care team on: 0808 800 1050





If you are a professional you can be added to our professionals emailing list.


We also have a separate SENDCos emailing list. Please contact us at [email protected]







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