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NAS Lambeth branch

A Branch of the National Autistic Society

Weekly Social Group


A place where people living in Lambeth with Autism, Aspergers

and ASD can meet in South London and enjoy weekly activities.

Please note that this is a large, active group of people who are

mostly Lambeth residents as this is a condition of our grant

funding. Residents from neighbouring boroughs may be able to

join from time to time.

For more information Email the Co-Ordinator










The Book Group 


A social space for the intellectually capable autistic

adult (a group for whom there is currently very little

available) This includes those exploring the idea that

they are autistic.  A formal diagnosis is not needed

to join the group.




First Thursday of each month (except December each

year) from 6.30pm to 8pm.




 Clapham Library,

 Mary Seacole Centre,

 91 Clapham High Street,

 SW4 7DB


On arrival simply ask for the First Thursday

Book Group. There will also be signs to the

room being used.


Open to those who live in Lambeth and

beyond. (You do not need to live in Lambeth

to join Lambeth Libraries, just bring proof

of your address, wherever it is, to one of

the nine libraries in Lambeth, including

Clapham Library).


The Books


Books are supplied by the library, group members just need to bring £2 to each meeting to cover the cost of refreshments.


The book group will discuss a different book each month.


Group members will take it in turns to choose the book, from the Lambeth Libraries book groups’ list of books. Lambeth Libraries have multiple copies of a large number of books, as they run several book groups. These books cover a wide range of contemporary fiction.


You can come to the book group even if you haven’t read the whole book for the month or didn’t like the book. The book group discussions welcome all opinions.



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